Cisa Specialità Alimentari, which is a family business still today, was established in 1965 on the initiative of the founder Giovanni De Paulis who ran the company until the end of the 80's with the help of his wife Chantal.
Since 1993 his son Gian Marco De Paulis has been managing the company together with his sister Micaela, mycologist expert and quality manager.

Since the beginning of its history, the company has chosen to rank in a top quality product range and throughout the years it has invested resources and experience to improve the product, the manufacturing and packing processes, in order to meet the requirements of European and non-European standards, as well as those of its customers.

No manufacturing phase involves the use of additives or chemical preservatives and this has eased the procedure to obtain the certification for organic farming product processing.

The maintenance of the quality standard of the product and of the service offered by Cisa, is a guarantee for its customers which could verify it in years of well-established relationships. This is also confirmed by the manufacture of many products under the mark of retailing and distribution industry or of national and international distributors.

In the 60's and 70's the company successfully coped with the market change due to the birth and the development of retailing and distribution industry, as it ranked first among the companies which processed cep mushrooms into suitable industrial volumes to meet the increasing demands from major Italian supermarkets.

In the 80's the company accepted the challenge of quick-frozen products, when the distribution facilities for those products and their organisation and management were still limited to major multinational companies.
The 90's represented the phase of its main growth as to quality guarantee and the management of the preservation and manufacturing processes, also thanks to important collaborations with distributors working in countries inspiring the culture of quality check, such as England, Japan, Australia and United States.

The company has been working since 1995 under conditions of self-control with the application of a quality manual developed in conformity with the HACCP quality logic. This system has been applied so strictly that in 1999 it was decided to move the whole manufacturing facilities to new premises specifically designed and built to meet the requirements of verification and quality maintenance guarantees and to make the company ready to enter the new millennium as a state-of-the-art business of its sector.


Eurofungo is leader in production, selling, manufacturing, delivering, trading of cep mushrooms, of wood, dried, biological both dried and frozen.

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